Welcome to the Martial Arts Way of Life Blog...

At Progressive Martial Arts Academy we believe in a holistic approach to teaching and training martial arts.

One of the martial arts at the core of our academy is the art of Kenpo. We trace our lineage back to James Mitose, and the Kosho Kenpo system. The Kosho family crest includes an octagon that represented the eight aspects of their Kenpo system. We have modified these slightly to fit modern times, but these will be the topics covered in this blog:

  1. Health/Fitness

  2. Meditation

  3. Philosophy/Mindset

  4. Yoga/Stretching

  5. Nutrition and Health

  6. The Stand Up Arts

  7. The Grappling Arts

  8. Self Defense

Below you will find all of our blog entries in chronological order in case you are a new reader here and want to catch up on previous posts! We've placed a star next to some of our most popular posts too.

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August 2016

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September 2016

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October 2016

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November 2016

Goals: When to Use Them and When to Lose Them -

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The Real Octagon -

Fitting Down the Chimney Is Overrated Anyway -

* Gracie Hall: Why I Train Martial Arts -

December 2016

What Style Do You Teach? -

* Women Should Train Martial Arts -

Look Up -

Purpose -

January 2017

Life is Life -

The Most Effective Way to Learn Jiu Jitsu -

Bottoms Up -

The Importance of the Black Belt -

February 2017

The Black Belt Problem -

Meet the Candidates -

Confidence vs. Overconfidence -

Bunkai and Me -

March 2017

Zen and the Martial Arts Way of Life -

Self Perfection: The Key to Enjoying the Journey -

* 3 Things to Avoid Saying to Your Training Partner -

Using the “10,000-Hour Rule” and the “20-Hour Rule" to Your Advantage -

Who Should Train Martial Arts? -

April 2017

Size Definitely Matters -

* Is Jiu Jitsu Dead? -

You Are Normal -

If at first you don't succeed, try again. And again. And again. -

May 2017

Maximize Your Repetitions - 5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Every Training Session -

* The Importance of Martial Arts Training for Children -

The 5 School Principles -

Loyalty and the Martial Arts -

June 2017

My Trip to Rio -

Mindfulness & No-Mindedness (Mushin) -

Becoming a Martial Artist -

Train Strong to Remain Strong -

* Evolve to Remain Strong -

July 2017

Ranks and Titles, Part 1 -

Ranks and Titles, Part 2 -

* Demian Maia vs. Tyron Woodley - What the Commentators Left Out and Why the UFC Doesn’t Deserve Him -

August 2017

* 3 Reasons Martial Arts Training is the Perfect Fitness Alternative -

How Brittany Lost 38 Pounds and 8% Body Fat This Year -

Leave Your Ego at the Door -

5 Paradigms Adults Believe About Martial Arts -

September 2017

* Should We Teach Children How to Fight? -

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Let Me Tell You About My Greatest Enemy! -

The Underlying Reason We Never Change -

October 2017

4 Types of Meditation/Visualization for Martial Artists -

5 Key Health Benefits to Martial Arts Training -

Does Size Matter in Martial Arts? -

Martial arts and combat sports. Which is better? -

November 2017

Tournament Breakdown (Videos) -

The Benefits We Can't Measure As Easily -

The Dynamics of Our Kenpo -

December 2017

Grafting -

Break the Enemy without Fighting: The Avoidance of Battle and How to Win by Losing -

The Slow-Moving Plague -

2017 PMA Year in Revie -

January 2018

Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape When Getting In Shape -

The Triumph of Human Intelligence Over Brute Strength -

february 2018

Get Worse to Get Better -

FAQ - What is a Red Belt? -

Choki Motobu - Brawler, Ruffian, Master. -

The Reality: Routines, Time, Priorities, and Your Life -

March 2018

Jiu Jitsu Thrives in the Championship Rounds -

Confidence Developed Through Training -

Listen -'

April 2018

FAQ: Why Do We Train Barefoot? -

Let Your Guard Down: Don’t Be Afraid Of Imperfection -

The Rules of Normal Eating -

May 2018

Tournament Recap - NAGA Atlanta 2018 -

The Dangerous Risk of Not Training -

October 2018

It Really Is a Way of Life - 

November 2018

A Special Thanksgiving Message for PMA Parents -

DEcember 2018

How martial arts impact the mind -

Happiness and Long Life through the Way of the Fist: Successful Aging and the Martial Arts -

2018 PMA Year In Review -

January 2019

An Overview and Implementation of the Muay Thai Clinch -

Martial Arts Library -