Nothing can beat the valuable opinions of the amazing people that have walked onto the mats at PMA. Take a minute to read the following testimonials and please visit some of our other testimonials and review pages to learn more about peoples' experiences at our academy:

We've had the pleasure of working with many clients and professionals throughout the years. Here are some of the things that they've shared with us regarding their own experiences.

"I was impressed at how well the techniques were explained and broken down in order to comprehend. I made a point to become a regular attendee of the class. As the months progressed, I started noticing differences in my physical appearance. The pounds started to come off at a rate of a little more than two pounds per month. I also noticed that stress in my professional and personal life did not seem to bother me as much. I had an ever increasing amount of calmness and self confidence that I had not experienced in my life before."

- Matt B. (current student, watch Matt's Client Spotlight video on our YouTube channel!) 

"Being a thin girl with little muscle, I never thought I'd be able to defend off an attacker. But, after today, I now know the tools and have the confidence to do just that. I look forward to taking refresher courses and other courses to learn more. I will also make sure I always bring someone with me now that I see how beneficial the skills the teach you are."

- Leah Cox, after attending Escape To Gain Safety Now in September 2010

"I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the fantastic instruction in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I have been receiving at the Progressive Martial Arts Academy. As a person in his mid-forties who spent most of the last seven years either in front of a computer screen or chasing small children, I was concerned when I enrolled in your academy that I would have neither the strength nor the athletic ability to learn a martial art. However, under your excellent instruction, I have learned more than I thought possible, and had a great time doing so. In addition, since I started Jiu Jitsu training with you in September of 2007, I have dropped a few pounds, and my cholesterol has lowered from over 230 to below 180! In summary, I would recommend the Progressive Martial Arts Academy to anyone, of any age or athletic ability, who is interested in learning a martial arts, and/or improving their health, and/or just having fun learning something new."

- Marc F., Attorney (current student)

"I looked around before I came to Progressive Martial Arts. I came here on the recommendation of an (older) friend. He is a physician as well. Sifu Bruce has a great deal of experience. Here you can train not just hard, but hard and smart. Smart training keeps you from getting injured. Smart training takes into account the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and yes, even age."

- Bill M., MD (current student)

"I'm an office worker during the day and a mommy at night. PMA has done so much for me in terms of fitness, self-defense, and stress-relief, and has really benefited me in many different areas of my life. PMA helps me make the most of my training time and helps me continuously push back my limits. I've come so much farther in my training that I thought possible with their support and guidance. It also gives me something to look forward to each week! I really can't say enough about the training environment. I'm always greeted with a sparkling clean dojo and taught by top-notch instructors, and all my training partners have always been great to work with Everyone from white belt to black is treated with respect and encouraged to do/be their best, and offered the tools to do so."

- Alicia Edwards (current student)

"As a 36-year old individual that spends the majority of the day sitting at a desk, I can vouch first hand that PMA provides the best training and exercise regime for me - both physically and mentally. Instructors are first class in knowledge and presentation of material, and have a true expertise in many different styles. Classes are challenging, yet safe, fun, and interactive. The training environment fosters an attitude for fellow students to work with each other (versus against) to help one another improve. Training at PMA is much more than a hobby - it truly is "A Way of Life" and I feel honored to be a part of the PMA family."

- Ken Hayes, Financial Advisor (current student)

"Commander Bruce Corrigan is a class act across the board, a commander, teacher and legitimate martial artist. He has been places and done things that most of us only watch on TV. Whether I'm teaching a seminar or fighting for my life in some alley...I'd want Bruce on my side."

- Paul Vunak,

"Great self defense class that all females should take for awareness and it provides important tools to deter at attack. This was a valuable class to understand how difficult it might really be to fend off a true attack. Your adrenaline is flowing when you practice against a "padded" attacker. This is a course that could save your life or at least have your attacker think twice about pursuing you any further!"

- Janet Plemmons, after attending Escape To Gain Safety Now in September 2010

"I would like everyone to know as a father, husband, former marine, former police officer, and a current federal law enforcement officer, I highly recommend training with world renown Progressive Martial Arts Instructor Sifu Bruce Corrigan. Whether you are a child, woman, in the military, in law enforcement, studying or teaching martial arts, or have a need to learn practical self defense skills, Sifu Corrigan can develop your confidence, self discipline, overall health and well being, and assist you to reach your personal goals by teaching you the most effective and practical martial arts in the world consisting of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, the Filipino Martial Arts and Gracie Brazilian Jiujitsu."

- Dennis Stoika

"Wow! What a program and demonstration you put on for the Oak Ridge Chapter of Federally Employed Women, Inc. I take this privilege as President of our chapter to say that I found this interesting and useful. Growing up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I realize that dangers do exist if you are not aware of your surroundings and people who are near to you. It never hurts to be aware and prepared."

- Beverly S., President, Oak Ridge Chapter of Federally Employed Women

"The benefit that jumps to the head of my mind would have to be security. There is a pretty good chance no one would ever try to start a fight with me because of my size but I have always worried that I would need to help someone else and need the tools that Jiu Jitsu offers. PMA has taught me that the techniques that I learn are applicable regardless of an attackers size and I now feel more confident that I have the answers if trouble ever comes calling. This is the type of security and peace of mind that PMA has given me. Thank you."

- Dustin Retterer, College Student (former student)

Benefit: The ability to learn new things! Who wants to get old and set in their ways?  Not me! Each time I go to PMA I am challenged to learn something new or do something better!

- Ric Cross  (former student)

One of the hugest benefits I have received, and the most noticeable, is the level of patience I have now.. To take everything calmly and not rush.. and I know it's only going to get better. I love PMA, and the family I have there.

- Jake Dritt, Oak Ridge High School Student

Of the many benefits I have received at PMA, the greatest is the general feeling of confidence I now have. I am no longer fearful to walk places alone and I am far more aware. It has given me a measure of peace that is priceless.

- Jen Pence, Apartment Complex Manager (former student)

Benefit: World class training, and I have made some really good friends!! (people i would have never met if not for PMA!)

- Curt West (former student, watch Curt's Client Spotlight video on our YouTube channel!)

I have gotten physically healthier since I first joined PMA, and I hope it improves more as I continue training!

- Eric Ridenour, Oak Ridge High School Student

I'm in the best shape of my life! I have much more confidence and I love the feeling of camaraderie that I get from class.

- Terry Alcorn (current student)

"As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion that travels all over the world to teach, I can say that the system that Progressive Martial Arts Academy has adopted to follow and teach to their students is by far the most effective you can find. If you live in Tennessee or are passing by, I highly recommend you visit them.”

- Felipe Costa - Jiu Jitsu World Champion,