6 Tips to Block Stress from Your Life

While I think the ability to live "stress-free" is slightly dependent on your personality, there are definitely some things you can do to block stress from your life and focus on the things most important to you. Here are 6 tips to start living stress-free!

1. I love "to-do" lists. Something about crossing an item off the list is very rewarding, and no matter how much is left to get done, crossing one more thing off helps me feel accomplished and motivated. Over the last year, I've been using the "Clear" app for this - it's fantastic! You literally swipe your finger over each item on your list and cross it off. Very helpful!

2. When you start to feel overwhelmed, walk away. This was a technique I learned from my middle school chess team believe it or not - if it was your move and you couldn't find the best solution, our coach taught us to stand up and walk away (even in timed games). This helped you clear your mind and comeback with a new perspective. It works unbelievably well! Sometimes the answer you need is right under your nose, you just can't see it because you are looking too hard.

3. Find your "thing." For me this is obviously martial arts. Find the activity that makes you want to work. Once you find that thing, treat it like gold and never let it leave your life. Even in desperate times - find a way to never lose your "thing."

4. When there are certain people in your life that stress you out or frustrate you, be the change you want to see in them. It is very easy to become bitter, angry, and negative but this almost NEVER helps.

5. Find your inspiration. Sometimes all I need is to listen to some good music, put on a podcast, or read a good book to get inspired again. YouTube comes in handy too (just don't go down a black YouTube hole)!

6. SLEEP - I understand this is not always easy and not always possible in some lives. But if you can manage to get the right amount of sleep, do it. I can always feel a difference when I don't get 8 hours of sleep.

What do you do to keep your life stress-free?