How to Choose the Martial Art For You

There are hundreds of different types of martial arts in existence. Although most have share a common point of origin, they are unique in terms of philosophy, technique and instruction. So how do you decide what’s the best type of martial art for you? Fortunately, it’s not as tough as you might think. By following some of the suggestions below you’ll be on your way discovering a whole new style of fitness and activity that meets your needs, what we like to call “The Martial Arts Way of Life.”

What’s Most Important to You?

Take the time to consider what you want to accomplish in terms of fitness. There’s a lot to consider so making a list of what you want to accomplish is a good place to start. Do you want to reduce stress? Are you interested in increasing overall strength? Have you seen a movie that inspired you to want to learn more? The more you know about yourself and what your motivations are, the easier it will be to focus your martial arts interests.

What Style is Right For Me?

Here’s the part where the questions that you just answered come into play. Whether you’re seeking self-defense training or looking at enhancing your dexterity and flexibility, there are a number of martial arts to choose from. In fact, too many for a simple blog post to cover. Instead, read up on some of the various methods and styles and then determine whether you’d like training that’s more formal or informal or kicking and punching or weapon-based. Narrowing down the aspects that appeal most to you, coupled with your objectives is a sure fire way to find precisely what you want.

How Do I Find a School?

Hit the web and start looking for studios in your local area. Don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed by the number of choices available. Martial arts are intensely popular, but like all businesses there are both good and bad ones. If you’ve experienced sub-par interactions with one studio, don’t let it influence your opinion of martial arts in general.

Visit the studio in person and speak with an instructor face-to-face. They’re there to answer questions and provide you with solid information to make informed decisions. Make sure that students are practicing in a safe and clean environment and read-up on the credentials and background of your instructors. Inquire about a free trial class to see if the training is a good fit for you. The more you know the easier it will be to choose a martial arts studio that meets your needs.

Now, do you want our opinion on the “best” martial arts? Well, that’s easy - it’s the ones we teach! You can look at our academy’s website to get more information, and even if you don’t live in the Oak Ridge/Knoxville Tennessee area, you can use our academy as an example of what to look for.

But of course, that’s just our opinion!